Globalisation, economic turmoil and complexity define today’s business environment. It is no wonder that it is harder than ever to achieve a competitive advantage.

Not only do you have to think globally; you also have to act and react globally – in circumstances that no one can predict.

The three-week Aviation Leaders Programme in Advanced Management (ALPAM) aims to provide civil aviation professionals with a broad cross-functional perspective into management in civil aviation. It will also facilitate professionals who have been leaders in their areas of expertise to step up to a general management role in civil aviation.

Key leadership skills and general management competencies will be imparted in an aviation context, equipping trainees for leadership at the various general management levels. ALPAM is an efficient and effective executive education programme that will equip you with all of the skills and knowledge you will need for your role as a general manager. It will give you the confidence you will need to manage the complexity you will be facing as you complete the transition from functional to general management.

INSEAD and the Singapore Aviation Academy partnership

On one side of the partnership stands a world renowned centre of excellence in international civil aviation training. On the other, a leading international business school that seeks to develop executives into global business leaders. Together, they have the vision to develop a world-class executive development programme to help civil aviation professionals accelerate their growth into senior leadership positions. At the heart of the partnership stands the rapidly growing aviation industry in the Asia Pacific region. The region has now become the world’s biggest aviation market, expected to take one-third share of the global aviation market. With this tremendous growth, comes the need to equip civil aviation leaders to become exceptional business leaders to operate in this challenging environment.

This is where SAA and INSEAD come into the picture.

We have joined forces to:

  • Combine a world-class business school curriculum with a strong aviation focus
  • Equip and empower rising leaders in aviation
  • Pioneer advanced leadership and management education for aviation leaders
  • Create an opportunity for participants from across all sectors of global aviation to build their networks with each other Key benefits
  • More effective decision-making at a general management level and enhanced leadership skills, giving you increased confidence and managerialimpact
  • Develop a keen understanding of how to ‘manage for value’ in the civil aviation context
  • Integrate disciplines and concepts that you will need to master as a General Manager
  • Network and benchmark with an international set of participants from the civil aviation industry


Programme Director
Michael Pich
Senior Affiliate Professor of Operations Management and Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise


Programme content

This programme is designed to focus on the needs of the General Manager in the civil aviation industry. In leading organisations for value creation, General Managers must excel in three important areas:

  1. Leading the Business
  2. Leading Others
  3. Leading Yourself

1. Leading the Business

Whether an organisation is run for profit or for the collective needs of society, it must essentially do three things well. It must have a value proposition, it must have a means to deliver this value proposition to its customers and/or stakeholders, and it must capture enough value to be sustainable.

Value Proposition

How do you know what your customers and/or stakeholders currently want or will value? We cover rigorous concepts and systematic tools to understand and know your customers and/or stakeholders anywhere in the world. Topics include market orientation, targeting, building competitive advantage through customer value and influence.

Value Delivery

A value proposition is useless if it cannot be delivered to the customer consistently and efficiently. We will explore and develop the tools of Lean Thinking to maximise operational efficiency, and the tools of Design Thinking to maximise operational effectiveness in the context of the Civil Aviation industry.

Value Capture

All organisations are legal entities that need cash to survive. Simply creating value is not enough:

organisations must also capture value in the form of cash, either from customers or stakeholders, in order to be sustainable. We will explain the principle of value creation and provide you with a unique ‘Value Assessment Toolkit’ and all of the other tools you will need to clarify and communicate financial information to those above and below you in your organisation.

Value Innovation and Strategy

Grasp the core concepts of strategy within the context of value creation. Harness the power of value innovation and use your new understanding to build sustainable competitive advantage.

2. Leading Others

The hardest part of managing the transition from functional to general management is letting go of the idea that you have all the answers. Delegation, leadership, motivation, prioritisation and visioning, all becoming much more important to the General Manager. This programme is designed specifically to address these skills in leading others more effectively to achieve a broader set of organisational goals.

The building blocks of leadership

Explore different leadership styles, identify your own and understand the way you interact within your team, organisation and beyond. We give you the frameworks to understand the dynamics of teamwork, leadership, interpersonal communications and organisational transformation, thus enabling you to better manage your own personal social capital (one’s network) and your political capital (one’s ability to navigate and influence changes in an organisation). Negotiation and decision-making Learn to become a more effective negotiator. Put stronger decisions and smoother negotiations together in order to orchestrate better outcomes.

Leadership Communication

Learn the skills of effective communication, presenting yourself with power and confidence. Learn to motivate groups from small teams to large audiences.

3. Leading yourself

Leading others is only possible if you truly understand your own management style, strengths and weaknesses.

Within a unique group of participants from other cultures, industries and backgrounds, you will learn to see yourself differently and more clearly than ever before.

Personal leadership development plans

Re-examine yourself and your role in the organisation. Make a full commitment to your career, your personal life and your overarching ambitions, by drawing up your own personal development plan.

Integrating knowledge, skills and action

Integrate your past experience and newfound skills and knowledge into a global perspective. We take you back to everything you have learned – from global business fundamentals to leadership – in order to deepen your understanding of value creation.

Team business competition

As part of a team-based exercise, you will create and develop a new business in an unfamiliar region – with minimal support from corporate headquarters. Your success (and that of the other teams) will be measured according to the primary objective, which remains, as always, value creation. This part of the programme entails a fully computerised competitive business simulation (the SIGMA Challenge) set in a highly competitive and international environment that requires participants to take a comprehensive and global view of
the business so as to be successful.

Aviation Learning Elements

SAA brings to the programme more than 50 years of experience and extensive international links in aviation training, tapping on its accumulated expertise in aviation governance and regulation. Talks and sharing sessions will be conducted by government and industry leaders. These will provide insights on Singapore’s thought leadership in aviation and topical management issues, leveraging on Singapore’s experience and best practices in aviation. Other learning elements include case studies as well as industry site visits.



As one of the largest of the world’s leading business schools – and certainly the most international – INSEAD is well placed to make an impact on your business. INSEAD is unique in having a three-campus structure– in Europe, Asia and Abu Dhabi. The campuses are equally diverse and all have world-class faculty in residence. Executive programmes run at one, two or even across all three of our main locations. Our Customised Programmes can also be held anywhere in the world. The Asia Campus in Singapore is situated in the greenery of the Buona Vista area, the country’s ‘knowledge hub’, and is just 25 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the financial district. It occupies a 2.8-hectare site and has 7 amphitheatres with a total capacity of 500 and an 85-room residence.

Singapore Aviation Academy

The Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) is the internationally recognised training arm of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. Through its four specialised schools – the School of Aviation Management, the School of Aviation Safety and Security, the School of Air Traffic Services and the School of Airport Emergency Services – SAA has trained over 52,000 participants from over 190 countries since 1958. It offers a wide range of aviation training programmes for both operational and top-level aviation management personnel. SAA was conferred the prestigious 34th Edward Warner Award in 2000 by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) “in recognition of its eminent contribution as a centre of excellence in international civil aviation training”. This award is regarded as the highest honour in the world of civil aviation, as it was awarded by ICAO on behalf of its then 185 Member States.

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