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SAA Aviation Insight Series on Systems Design Innovation in Aerospace Engineering and Beyond, 30 June 2017

On 30th June 2017, SAA held its 3rd Aviation Insight Series (AvIS) talk for the year, attracting some 35 attendees from the Singapore aviation industry

We were honored to have Professor Peter Jackson, Professor and Head of Pillar of Engineering Systems & Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Professor Kristin L. Wood, Professor and Head of Pillar of Engineering & Product Development and Co-Director of SUTD-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) International Design Center (IDC) who shared on “Systems Design Innovation in Aerospace Engineering and Beyond”. Dr Michael Lim, Director, SAA, moderated the Q&A session.

Professor Jackson addressed the basics of systems design thinking and its tools, through its application in a variety of interdisciplinary student design projects with real challenges and stakeholders. These case studies ranged from consumer product design to infrastructure systems design, which demonstrated both the flexibility and the scalability of the process. Professor Wood covered design innovation in the context of people, processes, methods and principles. Exemplar innovation cases were provided from the SUTD-MIT IDC, including aviation and aerospace projects in rocket technology, distributed-power aircraft and drone technology.

Some positive reviews on the talk:

“Very relevant. Vital component for our aviation industry and the people-skills for our future” – Mr Yau Yee Keong, Captain of TigerAir, Scoot

“Good insight on the rising design industry in Singapore” – Mr Colin Koh, Head Skills Training of Air Transport Training College

About the Aviation Insight Series

Launched in July 2008, the SAA Aviation Insight Series features talks by speakers from Singapore and all around the world addressing a wide range of issues of topical interest. It serves as a platform for noted aviation leaders and experts to share insights and experiences with the Singapore aviation community.

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