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About the Symposium

Bringing together airport professionals and academia to discuss innovative concepts in airfield infrastructure planning and development, the 2nd “International Symposium on Airfield Infrastructure of Airports – Engineering and Future Development” will serve as a nexus for knowledge-sharing and networking. Engineering challenges in building Changi Airport’s Terminal 5 and its third runway will also be discussed.

Symposium Highlights

  • Sharing of best practices and solutions to engineering challenges, such as those faced in the construction of Changi Airport’s Terminal 5
  • Panel discussion on the environmental challenges in airport expansion, featuring two of the major airports in Asia Pacific - Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Presentations and discussions on the latest innovations in airport engineering development that will enhance the safety and operations of airports

What’s New

  • Learn how to identify and manage key environmental challenges faced in airport expansions using tools such as the Environmental Impact Assessment process
  • Discuss the latest innovations and applications in new airfield pavement concrete systems
  • Gain insights into the design considerations, planning, and development of smaller capacity terminals such as Seletar Aerospace Park and Seletar Airport’s new passenger terminal

Why You Should Attend

  • Learn to develop strategies to manage engineering and environmental challenges for airport expansions
  • Appreciate the role of research and development in enhancing safety and operations for airfield infrastructure
  • Glean learning points from Changi Airport’s Terminal 5 expansion and third runway development
  • Network with aviation professionals in the airport community
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