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My Story@SAA

Mr Abdullatif Al-Failakawi
Representative - Safety Management Coordination Center
Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Kuwait

With a wealth of aviation experience of over 13 years, one would never imagine that Mr Abdullatif entered the aviation industry by chance. The unexpected calling came in 1999 when the then-head of training centre in the Service Center Department of the Ministry of Interior, Kuwait was invited to join the aviation industry by the then Kuwait’s Director of Air Transport in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Kuwait.  At about the same time, Mr Abdullatif also discovered his passion for aviation. He started to diligently enhance his aviation knowledge, by reading intensively, taking up courses, attending seminars and making overseas study trips.

During his ascent up the career ladder, Mr Abdullatif also managed to take a well-deserved break from work and took an opportunity to upgrade himself overseas. In 2006, he graduated with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the Arab Academy. Subsequently, he was asked to join the Safety Management Coordination Centre (SMCC) as his experience and expertise were much sought after at the new division.

Currently, Mr Abdullatif is a Representative of SMCC where he is responsible for the safety management of the DGCA. Still as passionate as ever about the aviation industry, Mr Abdullatif is ever focused on achieving and maintaining high standards for aviation safety management training for all levels. He still remembers fondly how the SAA’s ICAO Safety Management System programme which he attended in May 2010, assisted him to build his knowledge and provided him with a good  understanding of aviation safety management,  thereafter facilitating him to perform in his job.

Over the years, Mr Abdullatif has been a faithful alumni member of SAA and has returned regularly for various programmes focused on airport certification, safety management systems and safety oversight. He always remains highly-motivated in his work and is a firm believer in constant improvement for the better of things.
Returning to SAA this year for his sixth and seventh programmes, the “Civil Aviation Management Programme” and the “UC Berkeley ITS-SAA Airport System and Planning Programme”, Mr Abdullatif quipped that, “Besides learning about safety management and aviation management, I have also gained valuable takeaways through the interactions and networking sessions with fellow coursemates of diverse backgrounds and experiences in the aviation industry”.

His return visits to SAA are no mere coincidence as he complimented SAA with providing an excellent conducive environment for learning as well as SAA “being a reputable and well-established institution of learning where its instructors and staff are very also professional”.

During his latest stay in Singapore this year, it was not all about studies and training as he managed to find time to try out skydiving at iFly, one of the latest attractions on Sentosa Island.  The iFly is the world's largest wind-tunnel for indoor skydiving which was a truly exhilarating experience for Mr Abdullatif.  He accredited to his fond liking for the iFly to his daredevil nature and adventurous personality that has enabled him to broaden his horizon of life experiences. In Mr Abdullatif’s spare time, he never fails to cater the time for his all-important family and indulge in his hobbies such as camping, reading and cooking, which help him to unwind after a hard day of work.

Lastly Mr Abdullatif hopes to continue to rekindle and nurture the many friendships he had made at SAA. To sum up his amazing experiences with SAA, he hopes to share his inspiring guiding principle in his life, “Since the only thing constant in life is change, one must adapt to change and one must continually change for the better!”

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