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My Story@SAA

Mr Martey Boye Ato Klo
Assistant Director
Safety Regulation (ATS)
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Mr Martey Boye Atoklo joined the aviation industry as an air traffic controller some 30 years ago. Despite strong competition from 200 other candidates, Mr Atoklo stood out at the interview and was one of just a handful selected for the job. “I did well for the exams, and perhaps during the interview, they appreciated my attention to details, which is an important trait for an air traffic controller,” he reminisced.

Currently attending his seventh course at SAA – Integrated Safety Management Systems, Mr Atoklo explains why he is back for more. “It is a very friendly place to study. You are studying, but at the same time you feel pampered.” He added, “The Safety Audits of Air Traffic Services course that I attended here three years ago opened up my mind. The interaction and sharing of experiences with the other participants in the course were particularly enriching as we all came from different cultures and backgrounds. I have gained a lot and I have to say I am very proud of this Academy for making me who I am.”

Unknown to his colleagues, the usually assertive Mr Atoklo, whose family name means ‘wasp’ in Ghanaian, has a soft heart. In his past time, he attends to the large compound behind his house with his two sons. “Gardening is my life!” said Mr Atoklo cheerily. “Cabbages, tomatoes, onions, peppers, chillies… I nurse and groom them all. During the harvest season, we even hold hands and say a prayer of thanks for the bountiful harvest.”

Besides spending time with his two sons and two daughters, he also enjoys spending quality time with his wife. Speaking of her fondly, he said “She likes going for long walks, so I would usually accompany her on these walks so that we can enjoy the scenery together.”

He also spoke enthusiastically about his personal experiences in Singapore. He said, “The level of racial harmony and cultural integration here is amazing. Everyone gets along well despite their different backgrounds, and when they see a foreigner in this country, they are quick to lend a helping hand and are in general very welcoming.” Using the Ghanaian word ‘Akwaaba’ which means ‘welcome’ to drive home his point, he said it is a gracious attitude towards life, a quality, Mr Atoklo was quick to add, that he sees everywhere in Singapore.


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