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Mr Karma Wangchuk
Joint Director
Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Bhutan

As a young man, joining the civil aviation industry was a remote career option for Mr Karma Wangchuk. After graduation, the sports enthusiast was so caught up in a tournament that he gave job interviews at the Police Force and airline a miss. Little did this Commerce Degree holder anticipate a 21-year long love affair with civil aviation when the opportunity came knocking right at his door.  

Today, Mr Wangchuk is Joint Director of Bhutan’s DCA, a position achieved through hard work and determination. Soon after joining the DCA, the Royal Bhutan Army was recruiting personnel to curb an acute illegal immigration problem facing the Kingdom. His full-blooded nature prompted him to do his bit for the country. He began serving as a commissioned officer after six months of training.

With his steadfast commitment to serve the nation, Mr Wangchuk quickly became a highly sought-after talent. During his five-year military tenure, he was requested by the DCA to simultaneously manage airport security. When his military obligation ended, he decided to stay on with the DCA as he cherished the invaluable relationships he had developed over the years.

These days, he is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of Paro Airport, and is always keen to tap the wisdom behind the success of others. Karma attended the 19th Civil Aviation Chief Executives Programme and praised Singapore for its achievements in aviation. Karma shared, “Every time I’m here, I learn new things that I can bring back and apply relevant ones to Bhutan.”

Clearly, the love for sports still runs deep in him. Setting up a sports association in the airport, he has brought together the various airport agencies through friendly games and fostered a tighter bond within the airport community.

You would be amused  to know where Mr Wangchuk enjoyed his leisure time when in Singapore. “I go shopping at Mustafa Centre,” he said, referring to the 24-hour shopping mall in the heart of “Little India”.  A true-blue family man, he would shop for interesting items for his wife, 19-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son.



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