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My Story@SAA

Ms Cecilia Pang Wing Sze
Operations Officer
Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong

After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ms Cecilia Pang started her career in an advertising agency as a media executive. Soon after, she left to join the aviation industry in 1997 as an assistant airport manager. To her, both industries were equally glamourous, creative, and dynamic. The airport though, had the distinction of being the “physical nexus of cultures”. “I love the atmosphere at the airport and I love interacting with people a lot,” she enthused.

Currently, Ms Pang serves as an Operations Officer in the Airport Standards Division of the Civil Aviation Department. “We look after, among other things, airport height restriction and safety of general aviation in Hong Kong,” she said. “Any development projects will be circulated to us to see if there are any violations to the airport height restriction. My job is mainly to deal with obstacle control.”

Thanks to the cross-posting nature of her work, Ms Pang had the opportunity to be exposed to different fields of the aviation industry. She holds a private pilot’s licence and had, in her 13-year career, been posted to different divisions. Her line of duty requires her to undertake diverse courses from airport engineering to ICAO PANS-OPS Procedures Design among others.

Since 1998, Ms Pang has attended three courses at SAA. In particular, she found the ICAO PANS-OPS Instrument Procedures Design course she took in 2005 crucial in her current posting. “In the last year, we had a digital terrestrial television broadcasting project, a broadcasting project that requires elevating tall towers for signal reception. It was a matter of public interest, and the PANS-OPS course was crucial in helping us determine how high they can go.”

While she is serious at work, Ms Pang described herself as a former practical joker who regularly played pranks, even on lecturers! Nowadays, she restricts herself to verbal ribbing, and reserves her former outgoingness for playing with her three year old son, whom she “misses a lot ”. While in Singapore, she called home to check in on him every night.

She is familiar with Singapore and became fast friends with her course mates here. She enjoys local food, especially the chilli crabs at the famous Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. “I have not visited the casino though,” she joked, as an after thought.



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