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Ms Christine Eiman
Senior Air Traffic Controller
Directorate of Civil Aviation, Namibia

Every day, during lunch break, Ms Christine Eiman would head for the moated pavilion in the middle of SAA’s courtyard to unwind after a morning of intense training. There, surrounded by graceful Koi swimming leisurely in the pond and the soothing sound of flowing water, she would relax and catch up with her family back in Namibia via Skype.

Ms Eiman attended her first training – ATS Resource Management and Training Workshop at the Academy in February 2009 and was back again in March 2010 for a three-month course on Approach and Area Control (Surveillance). Barely two weeks into the course, an enthusiastic Ms Eiman was already making plans for the application of her newfound knowledge. “I’ve learnt a lot of techniques and procedures which will be useful for my job,” she quipped. “There will be greater capacity, enhanced safety and more efficiency for the skies in Namibia.”

The 34-year-old Senior Air Traffic Controller and her team at the Directorate of Civil Aviation have been constantly pushing the envelope for Namibian civil aviation, and have been working towards a radar system for the past 10 years. It looks like their persistence has paid off – with Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup 2010 and the expected increase in air traffic, this initiative was finally pushed through.

“Team spirit, innovation and diligence are my professional ethos,” she said.

When asked about her greatest accomplishment as the pioneering batch of Namibians trained in radar technology, Ms Eiman considered the most memorable moment was when an agreement was signed in January 2009 to acquire a Eurocat X radar system for
Namibia. “We feel great because we know we are getting somewhere. We want to get better, like Singapore!” she enthused.

But home is clearly where her heart belongs, as she spoke candidly of missing her husband and two sons, aged six and 11, the family excursions across vast spaces in Namibia and the camping trips swathed in fresh mountain air.

When asked what she would remember most about Singapore, it was Sentosa, Singapore’s landmark tourist destination that left the deepest impression on her, as she spoke fondly of the state-of-the-art laser shows. As for food, the dish that won her over was a simple local dish of stir-fried prawns with ‘sambal’, a chilli-based sauce widely popular in South-east Asia.




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