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Mr Rajbushan Dhanush Servansingh
Divisional Head of Air Traffic Management
Department of Civil Aviation, Mauritius

By all accounts an ‘accidental recruit’ into the field of aviation, Mr Rajbushan Dhanush Servansingh has taken to his profession like a fish to water. Fresh out of high school, a young Mr Servansingh was attracted by an advertisement for trainee air traffic controllers, and decided to give it a shot.

He has not looked back since. Even though Mr Servansingh later returned to school to pursue a degree in Mathematics, the allure of the profession and the good memories he accrued as an air traffic controller drew him back after graduation.

“I’m quite fascinated with aviation, and I was fortunate enough to be around during very interesting times in aviation,” he shared. He cited the developments in air traffic and navigation as an example, having seen the traditional systems evolve to satellite based ones in the last 20 years. The dynamism in the profession ensures that Mr Servansingh remains hooked to this industry.

This being his fourth time at the Academy, Mr Servansingh spoke highly of the quality of the sessions he has attended here. Particular to this visit, he found himself learning about Singapore’s safety management systems and long-term strategic planning methodologies. “I was surprised when I heard that the Terminal 3 that came into existence last year was planned back in the 1970s, more than 30 years back. Another thing that I was impressed with is that the implementation is not rigid. It allows for adaptability to the environment, for example in the case of the budget terminal.”

Over the years, Mr Servansingh has developed a mantra of striving towards “simplicity and fairness” in all aspects of work and life. He illustrated this belief with a quote from Mr Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian writer who became the first Asian to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913 - “God, grant me that I make of my life something straight and simple, like a bamboo flute that you can fill with music”.

It certainly summarises the life of this distinguished and philosophical man perfectly.


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