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Mr Tino Fuka
Director of Quality Assurance
Tonga Airports Ltd, Tonga

Having returned to SAA for his fifth course, Mr Tino Fuka, Director of Quality Assurance at Tonga Airports Ltd, is still excited about coming back to SAA once again. He recently completed the Integrated Safety Management Systems course in November 2009, and he aims to implement SMS in Tonga within the next two years.

Considering himself an agent of change, Tino has always embraced change both in the workplace and in his life. As a child, he had wanted to be a pilot, but gave up his dream and became an Air Traffic Controller instead. Since then, his career path has led to his current portfolio in Safety. Asked about his current job, he is glad to be a part of this vast industry where there is so much more to learn, even as SAA plays a major role in his journey. “I acknowledge and appreciate the knowledge that is being imparted here at SAA to the personnel from different parts of the globe,” he said. “The instructors of all courses that I have attended are definitely top notch with vast experience in their field of expertise and a great source of knowledge to us participants.”

While Tino has learnt more about SMS in his recent course, including the Bow Tie Method of Risk Assessment taught by Dr Rob Lee, one of the course instructors for the ISMS course, he has also had his fair share of entertainment in Singapore. He has visited places of attraction including Sentosa, the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. Describing Singapore as a place that is “always constructing new and reconstructing old buildings”, Tino’s view of the country as an environment that continually strives to improve itself and promote itself positively mirrors his own beliefs.

After returning to the Academy for five times, Tino is enthusiastic about coming back to SAA again to learn more. His plan to implement SMS in Tonga may be met with several road blocks, but even while he was attending the ISMS course in Singapore, he has already a plan in mind. Ultimately, Tino’s key to success is that one must practice what he preaches. Envisioning his goal of successfully implementing an ISMS in Tonga, he remains hopeful and relies on feedback as a tool in guiding him. He said, “Workers’ efforts need to be acknowledged and feedback provided so that they will know they are an important part of the organisation.”



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