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Mr Miroslav Bartoš
Chief Executive Officer, Letové Prevádzkové Služby SK
State Enterprise (ATM), Slovak Republic

Mr Miroslav Bartoš is arguably the envy of many, having become the Chief Executive Officer of Letové Prevádzkové Služby SK, the Air Navigation Services Provider of the Slovak Republic in 2011 at the age of 35 – less than 10 years after joining the state-owned enterprise as an air traffic control officer. This remarkable achievement, however, was no overnight miracle.

Recognising that the challenging world of aviation calls for vast industry knowledge, Mr Bartoš goes the extra mile in achieving that. “It is not enough to focus on your area of work, because aviation is multi-faceted and one aspect is linked to the other. So I spend a lot of time reading up on the different aspects of aviation to gain a broad perspective,” he illustrated.
To ensure the effectiveness of the management’s plans and policies, Mr Bartoš also dedicates at least eight hours a week to perform air traffic control. This adds up to 16 hours of work on days when he performs double duties. Despite the heavy responsibilities, the young aviation leader relishes the experience due to the differing nature of both roles.

He shared, “The work of an air traffic controller is relatively straightforward as there is a prescribed set of procedures for every situation, so it helps to take my mind off people management which is often more tricky. That said, I enjoy talking to my teammates both as a friend and manager which helps me find a balance when dealing with organisational challenges.”

Apart from connecting with his staff, Mr Bartoš values the opportunities to meet industry experts from all over the world through high-level programmes such as the World Civil Aviation Chief Executives Forum and the Civil Aviation Chief Executives Programme, organised by SAA. He was at SAA recently to attend the two-week
Civil Aviation Management Programme. “It is not everyday that you get to learn from and establish contacts with eminent aviation leaders. They help me see things at the regional and global levels,” he said.

Outside of work, Mr Bartoš devotes his time to his wife and sons, aged eight and 10. While he confessed that it can be difficult to achieve work-life balance given his work demands, he has forged a close relationship with his sons through their shared hobby – soccer. Be it family or career, it is apparent that Mr Bartoš gives his best shot in all his pursuits.



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