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Mr Mohamad Hermie Hassan
Deputy Chief Fire Officer
Shell Petroleum Company, Brunei

In a profession such as fire-fighting, risk is arguably part and parcel of everyday work. “As fire-fighters, we are constantly trained to handle emergencies. Such training helps transform fear into an adrenaline rush which will turn a daunting task into a challenging one,” explained the 32-year-old in his amiable demeanour.

Having been in service for 10 years, Mr Hermie continues to be passionate about his job. “My job is like a hobby to me,” he said, beaming, “Whether it is in civil defence or industrial fire-fighting, our aim is always to save lives first. Property comes second. Though it can be hard dealing with fatalities, it is rewarding to save lives and the things people value.”

Mr Hermie shared that unlike in the movies, self-sacrifice is not necessarily the most rational decision when fighting fire in the real world. Instead, the veteran fire-fighter prioritises the safety of his men above all else as a “fireman needs to ensure his own safety in order to save others”. He added that it is this sense of brotherhood among firefighters which is vital to effectively confront emergencies.

Now the Deputy Chief Fire Officer with the Brunei Shell Petroleum Company, Mr Hermie lamented his reduced involvement in operations. “My current work scope mainly revolves around developing and implementing standards and procedures for handling emergencies, so I jump at any chance to be in the frontline!” he confessed.

Having an active and adventurous spirit, Mr Hermie takes joy in his frequent business travels. When in Singapore, the hiking enthusiast would “get lost on purpose”, taking it as an opportunity to explore and learn more about the country. “Singaporeans are so friendly, I can ask anyone for directions,” he commended. A regular SAA course participant since 2004, Mr Hermie spoke highly of the programmes offered here. “SAA provides up-to-date training using advanced technology and customises training to meet our needs,” he said, explaining the reason behind the long-term relationship between his company and the Academy.

Outside of work, Mr Hermie is learning the ropes of being a good father to his 10-month-old son. “My wife and I face the big challenge of looking after our boy. It is even harder than fire-fighting!” he joked. “When my son is independent enough, I would love to pick up skydiving,” he added as an afterthought. The self-professed sportsman is certainly going all out to pursue his passion for the great outdoors.



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