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My Story@SAA

Mr Mamady Kaba
Secretary General
Roberts Flight Information Region (FIR)

The aviation journey has been an eventful and fulfilling one for Mr Mamady Kaba. Starting out as an engineer in 1982 at the National Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Guinea, Mr Kaba rose through the ranks to become its Chief of Navigation (Engineer Department) within a short span of six years. An impressive track record ensued as he went on to attain several high-level positions, including Guinea’s Minister of Transport from 2009 to 2010 before serving as Advisor to the Prime Minister till mid-2013.

Currently, Mr Kaba is Secretary General of Roberts FIR, a cooperative effort established in 1975 between Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to provide en-route air traffic control services to aircraft overflying the airspace of these three countries.

Sharing the tumultuous history of Roberts FIR, Mr Kaba reaffirmed the region’s commitment to advancing the African aviation industry, “The FIR was forced to relocate twice due to the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone. It was only in 2008 that its headquarters were officially moved back to Liberia. Despite the civil wars, the FIR continued to carry out its responsibilities as a regional control centre without disruption. This is an example of our dedication to maintaining safe and smooth air traffic.”

With his sights set on progress, Mr Kaba shared that he is now working on enhancing the centre’s equipment and systems. “The aim is to achieve full radar coverage of our airspaces. Currently, we have five stations equipped with very high frequency communications system, and I have undertaken a project to add three more to support automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) ground stations.”

Despite being a mentor to many young aviation professionals, Mr Kaba enjoys participating in SAA’s training programmes. During his most recent visit in July 2013 for the Seminar on CNS/ATM, he was once again awed by the Academy’s attention to quality and Singapore’s clean and safe environment. The equipment and infrastructure at the Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre also left a deep impression on him.

When he is not busy jet-setting around the world for work, Mr Kaba takes pleasure in tending to his small fruit plantation where he grows mangoes and other fruits. Interestingly, the love for aviation runs in his family. His wife is in charge of regional flights in Guinea’s Conakry International Airport and his only daughter used to work for an airline. “My family members are all interested in aviation. Because of that, we have a lot of common topics,” Mr Kaba ended with a contented smile.



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