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My Story@SAA

Mr Sergiu Mârzac
Head of Rulemaking Section
Civil Aviation Authority, Republic of Moldovaa

If not for a somewhat amusing episode, the aviation industry would have missed out on a talent like Mr Sergiu Mârzac. “One day back in law school, our professor posed us a question on how to determine the nationality of a baby born mid-flight to parents of differing nationalities,” he recalled. That set the young Mr Mârzac thinking, and before long he was so intrigued by the field of international private law with aviation law influences that he made a switch from his initial specialisation in criminal law to aviation law.

As if destined for this industry, Mr Mârzac was recruited by the Moldovian Civil Aviation Authority as a legal specialist upon his graduation. However, it was not all rosy in the beginning. “There were times when I wanted to quit when things turned out differently from what I had expected and the novelty of aviation had worn off, but the more I persisted, the more I got drawn into the industry. I realised that it was interest, not the novelty effect, which brought me here,” he confessed.

These days, the 33-year-old is focused on working with the organisation’s various departments to maintain a sound legal framework for the Moldovan civil aviation sector. With Moldova entering the European Common Aviation Area agreement in 2012, Mr Mârzac and his team are also tasked with the responsibility of harmonising the legislation of his home country with European regulations. “It is an enormous task, but I believe we will be able to make a smooth transition within the set deadlines with support from my colleagues,” Mr Mârzac affirmed.
Seeking to add value to his career, Mr Mârzac applied for the Academy’s new Aviation Leaders Scholarship for Diploma in Civil Aviation Management, and became the first candidate to receive the Scholarship. “I jumped like a child with my two kids when I found out the good news,” he quipped and added, “The Academy is a training institution that is internationally recognised for its excellence; I see it as a huge opportunity to learn new things and to become much more competitive as a professional within the industry.”
Thanks to the Scholarship, Mr Mârzac got to visit Asia for the first time when he was here in August last year to attend one of the compulsory modules – Aviation Leaders Programme in Public Policy. He said, “Singapore is clean and welcoming; I am lucky that it is the first Asian country I visited.” Breaking into a big smile, the family man concluded, “It is a must-visit destination for everyone, so I hope to be back here again with my wife
and children.”



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