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Prof Menou Abdellah
Mohammed VI International Civil Aviation Academy Office National Des Aéroports

Applying his personal traits of perseverance and competitive spirit in his pursuits puts Menou Abdellah in good stead to support Morocco in its quest to be an aviation hub for the African continent.

In his days as a young university student, Menou remembers having no money to catch a train to a different city for a course he desperately wanted to attend. “I searched in all my pockets and found an old two-way ticket I had bought some time ago, so I went,” he recalled with a smile. This memorable tale cements his belief in the power of perseverance and the importance of continuous learning. Menou continued his learning journey and earned his PhD in Applied Sciences (Civil and Mechanical Engineering) to become an Associate Professor at the University of Orleans, France.

Today as Director of Morocco’s Civil Aviation Academy, he continues to shares his passion for learning. As Morocco, a booming tourist destination and the nexus between Europe and Africa strives to develop into a critical transport hub, the academy will provide training to a wide spectrum of aviation personnel.

In addition to training, Menou believes that aviation research will be an asset to Morocco’s multi-pronged push to enhance training, upgrade aviation systems and build transport infrastructure. “Engineering sciences, applied mathematics and transportation systems theories can be applied in the area of artificial intelligence for operations to improve safety, accuracy and the making of better decisions,” he said.

He has not stopped seeking learning opportunities either, and is one of the six scholars under the Singapore-ICAO Developing Countries Training Programme taking up the SAA Diploma in Civil Aviation Management. “The diploma fulfilled my needs and taught me about strategies and operational considerations and shared international best practices as well as the Singapore experience,” he shared, “Singapore, having gone through the journey of aviation development, is a leader and an example to the aviation sector in in Morocco.”



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