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My Story@SAA

Ms Amanda Flora Nambau
Manager Legal Services
Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea

Though she describes herself as reserved, there is a little bit of a daredevil in Amanda Flora Nambau. After all, she has gone out of her comfort zone many times in the pursuit of improving herself.

Her first leap was to study law in university despite preferring economics. “I had hoped law would help me better express my thoughts and opinions with confidence,” she recalled. That decision whetted her appetite for commercial law, where she pictured herself handling multi-million dollar deals in an office with a view. “But my first employer encouraged me to go beyond that dream and become a courtroom lawyer” she said. In no time, Amanda was making her forays into civil, commercial and criminal law – pursuits that have been instrumental in developing her into the outstanding lawyer she is today.

She opened her horizons even further in 2012, when she – upon the request from a senior practising lawyer – sent in her application to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Papua New Guinea (PNG). “He was a well-respected lawyer and many others who had applied were more qualified than me. When I was invited to join CASA PNG as its first in-house legal counsel, I was surprised and happy.”

Three years on, the challenges have been an intense rollercoaster ride of frustrations, triumphs and critical milestones. “The more I learnt about the aviation sector, the more I saw potential for development,” she said. Amanda has overseen development of policies and regulations to better serve their needs. “The sector is highly specialised and technical. Sometimes I am uncertain as to whether I am providing legal or technical advice on the matter!” she joked. Though much of the work goes beyond legal, she credits the courses at SAA for helping her develop in her career as well. “Though the work can be overwhelming, I tell myself: if this is what it takes to grow, then I am willing to take it on.”

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