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SAA Aviation Insight Series Talk - Human Factors: The Aerodrome Rescue and Fire-fighting (ARFF) Service Perspective - 15 November 2013
On 15 November 2013, Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) presented a talk under the SAA Aviation Insight Series on Human Factors: The Aerodrome Rescue and Fire-fighting (ARFF) Service Perspective. Sharing the session with us was Mr Colin Murray, Head of Airside Operation of Edinburgh Airport, Scotland with Mr Nazri Bamadhaj, AES Principal Instructor, as the moderator. Mr Murray shared on how environmental aspects of aviation fire protection and human factors in aerodrome rescue and fire-fighting (ARFF) training can impact the effectiveness of crew on stations and at incidents and how they can also affect the command, control and outcome of operational incidents. A total of 50 participants attended the talk which includes  topics such as: Environmental Challenges Facing ARFF, Factors Influencing Human Performance and Crew Resource Management.

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