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School of Airport Emergency Services

The School of Airport Emergency Services provides training in aircraft rescue, fire protection and emergency management for both civil and military airports as well as industrial fire safety. Participants are given first-hand experience in handling emergencies using advanced fire training simulators.

The instructors are all practising fire-fighting and rescue professionals. For most of the AES training programmes, hands-on, true-to-life simulated exercises make up over 70% of the training. Class size is kept small to ensure personalised attention and safety at all times during training.

Professional Instructors
To keep up-to-date with their professional skills, instructors are rotated between the School and the operational units of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). Besides using national instructors drawn from CAAS, well-known overseas and local experts are regularly invited to provide course participants with insights on the latest trends and developments on airport emergency and safety skills.

Fire Training Simulators
A comprehensive range of fire simulators is designed to fully train and test fire-fighting and safety skills of participants. The simulators are maintained at a dedicated fire training ground where participants undergo true-to-life simulated exercises involving undercarriage fires, internal aircraft fires, fires at fuel installations, a vertical fire wall and flashover fires.

SAA uses a "virtual" fire simulator for tactical command and control training. A controlled-environment breathing apparatus simulator is also used to provide rescue training in a realistic fire environment.

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