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School of Aviation Safety & Security

The School of Aviation Safety & Security conducts specialised aviation safety and security programmes designed to equip airport regulators, airport operators and aviation practitioners with expert knowledge to enhance operations and meet mandatory industry standards. Through strategic alliances with reputable international aviation institutions, the School supports the industry’s objective of upholding the highest safety and security standards in aviation.

Specialised Safety & Security Programmes
The School addresses a broad spectrum of competencies and issues in international aviation safety and security. Programmes in safety management systems, safety oversight management and inspection, accident investigation, human factors and aviation medicine address the critical safety and health issues impacting aviation. Aviation security programmes in the areas of risk assessment, airline and airport security impart crucial skills and insights, and are in tandem with international best practices and regulatory mandates. Lectures are complemented by practical syndicate group exercises and site visits to enrich the curriculum.

Renowned Experts, Instructors and Collaboration Partners
The School has an international panel of renowned experts, including aviation safety and security experts, aeromedical professionals and aviation psychologists with extensive domain knowledge and experience. Instructors from CAAS and local experts with many years of practical operational and regulatory experience complement the international pool, and bring to bear Changi’s experience.

The local and global panel of experts work together to develop and deliver programmes which provide both fundamental knowledge and updates on new developments in the respective disciplines.

Conferences, seminars and workshops also provide a unique opportunity for aviation safety and security practitioners to interact with industry leaders, experts and peers, for fruitful and in-depth exchanges of insights and experiences.

For a list of courses, please click here.

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