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Call For Abstracts
The Singapore Aviation Academy is currently seeking abstracts for presentations for the upcoming ISAIA, happening from 20 to 21 Sep 2018.

What we are looking for:

  • New concepts and innovations for airfield infrastructure development

  • Knowledge, technological know-how and best practices of different airports

  • Strategies and best practices for airfield infrastructure planning and development

Topics Covered:
  1. Airfield Infrastructure Planning
  2. Airfield Operations Management
  3. Airfield Capacity Management
  4. Airfield Pavement Design/Construction/Evaluation/Maintenance/Management
  5. Airfield Geometric Design
  6. Airfield Lighting
  7. Airfield Drainage
  8. Airfield Safety
  9. Airfield Security

Submission Guidelines

  1. All abstracts must be in English and less than 500 words.
  2. Title your email subject as “ISAIA 2018 Abstract Submission - ” and submit to CAAS_ISAIA2018@caas.gov.sg
  3. Authors of accepted abstracts will be further invited to submit Powerpoint slides presentation materials for possible presentation at the Symposium.


  • Commercially focused/ vendor promotional proposals will not be considered.
  • No fees are required for proposal submission.
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